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Review Policy

I love to read Young Adult books and share them with others. I would be more than happy to read your book and spread the word about it, and do all that I can to help others learn more about it. I would would be happy to receive review copies from publishers and authors, do an author interview, host giveaways and participate in blog tours.

Genres I read:

I basically read anything in the YA genre. Although my favorite's are contemporary, dystopian and fantasy. I'll give anything a try!

I do accept  self published novels! Shoot me an email and I will gladly take a look into your book! If it doesn't appeal to me, I will let you know.

I will only accept books that I really think I will enjoy.  I always try to post my reviews in a timely manner, but if it's awhile before the book is released than I will wait until closer to release date. I generally post the week of the book's release date unless you request otherwise. If you want your review posted sooner, or later please specify.

When I accept a book:I review every book I read and I try to only accept books that I think I will enjoy. I try to be courteous at all times. If I don't like a book, I always try to look for the positive and include that in my review along with what I disliked. If I don't have anything nice to say about your book,  then I won't say anything at all. I rarely ever have nothing positive to say about a book, but I won't post a negative review that will sway the readers view on it. If I don't review your book I will feature it in some way to help spread the word. This may be in a meme, or a contest. I also post my reviews on Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon. 

How long will it take to get your review:
I always give Review books priority, but understand I read for me too!  I will read and review your book in a timely manner. Although I do try to not post reviews too soon. If it's still months before the book's release date I will wait until at least a month before the release. 

Some things to consider when you email me for a 'Review Request':

  • Courtesy. Remember I am a person too. I have a life outside of blogging. This is not my job, but it is my Passion. I love reading. 
  • Please include links to your book. Amazon | Goodreads | Something. Please It helps when I want to look into your book more.
  • Deadline: If you need your book reviewed by a specific date, please say so. This will also help me in deciding to review it or not! 
  • Contact me via EMAIL for a REVIEW REQUEST: I will not answer Goodreads Comments | Twitter @Mentions | FB Wall Posts | Please email me personally for review requests.

If you would like for me to review your book, or have any questions, PLEASE contact me at:  

Thank you!

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