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Review: Young Miss Holmes, Casebooks 1-2

Friday, June 3, 2016

Young Miss Holmes Casebook 1-2 by Kaoru Shintani

Release Date: March 13,2012
Publisher: Seven Seas
Source: Borrowed
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384

Young Miss Holmes, Casebook 1-2
Christie is Sherlock Holmes' precocious niece. She lives in a beautiful home with her maids and her giant dog Nelson, who look after her in the absence of her parents. Her maids include the proper Annemarie and the unrefined, uneducated Nora, whose skill with her "Snake Tongue" whip occasionally comes in handy. Though Christie hates studying, she loves using logic to solve mysteries, and so she often ends up helping her uncle and Dr. Watson solve their cases.

I am a big fan of anything Sherlock Holmes, books, movies, comics, re-tellings, you name it and I am ALL about it! When I saw this at my local library while perusing the manga shelves, I had to take it home, and I am so glad I did!

This is a super cute series, that's easy, fun and a super quick read. The story centers around  Christie, Sherlock Holmes niece. She wants to follow in her uncle's steps and is definitely proving to be a relation of his with her quick wit and sharp skills of observation.  As would be expected in Victorian times, she does it all with a maid and tutor in tow!

I really began to enjoy seeing how she would go about inserting herself into her Uncle's cases, I found it quite comical at times. Although only 10 years old, Christie can hold her own in the grown up world of mystery , suspense and scandal! Throw in  a few vampires and you have yourself a really fantastic series.

If your fans of Sherlock Holmes, Manga or your just want to try something different then I recommend you pick up a copy for yourself!


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