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Swatch & Review : BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Eyeshadow Palette

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hi Lovelies!

I am here today with a swatch and review of the BH Cosmetic's Galaxy Chic eye shadow palette. I recently placed my first order with BH for the Carli Bybel (look for a review and swatch soon!) palette, and was amazed at the fantastic quality at such an affordable price! I just had to order more!

Now that I have moved out on my own, I have to be so much more conscience of my budget. Gone are the days of blowing a paycheck at Ulta or Sephora. *cries* Anyhooo....fortunately for me, there are some incredible brands out there that deliver loads of bang for your buck, and BH Cosmetics just happens to be one of them!

While I have not tried all of their products, I am loving all of the palette's I have ordered from them so far. The Galaxy Chic palette contains 18 baked eye shadows that come in a range of colors from neutrals, to smokey tones and vibrant colors.  I love the range in this palette because I can do an every day look for work or running errands, a smokey look or a bright super fun look. Whatever I'm in the mood for!

So let's get to the swatches!

From top to bottom we have Aphrodite, Prometheus, Jupiter, and Sun.  

From left to right we have Mars, Mercury, Cosmic and Milky Way

From left to right we have Neptune, Earth, Comet and Meteor

From left to right we have Asteroid, Mercury, and Mars

And our last 3 from left to right are Pluto, Moon and Electra

As usual, BH Palette's are very pigmented and go on very nicely! They are so fun to play with and are priced well! And the best part, since these are baked, you can apply them wet for an even bolder look!

I can't wait to really play with this and have some fun! I think the blue's are going to make an amazing mermaid look! Ahhh!!!

You can grab this palette by clicking on the picture below . It is on sale for $12! If you grab one, make sure you let me know how you like it! And feel free to share pics of any looks you created with it.

Until next time...


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