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Review: Relativity

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Relativity by Cristin Bishara

Release Date: September 10, 2013
Publisher: Walker Children's
Source: Publisher
Format: ARC
Pages: 272
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There are so many moments Ruby Wright wishes she could change. The moment her dad uprooted her from California to live in backwoods Ohio with their new stepfamily. The moment she moved away without telling her best friend George she loved him. The moment a car accident ended her mother's life.

But no one can rewrite time. At least, that's what physics-obsessed Ruby believes.

Then she stumbles upon a lightning-powered tree—a doorway to a series of parallel universes. How many possible worlds will Ruby have to explore to find the one with the perfect combination of people, relationships, and experiences? And is she willing to risk everything she has to get back what she has lost?

With a deft blend of science and heart, Cristin Bishara's thought-provoking debut novel explored the laws of time and space...and the even more mysterious nature of love and loss.

Ruby Wright's world has completely changed, and all she wants is her old life back. Her mother is dead, her father remarried and uprooted them from California to the cornfields of Ohio to be with his new family. She's had to leave behind her life, her friends, and everything she knew.

I felt so bad for Ruby's character. She was completely uprooted and moved across the country. She had to leave behind everything she knew and loved. She had to live with complete strangers, and a super creepy stepsister who has it out for Ruby!A new stepmom is not what Ruby wished for, and especially not a creepy stepsister.

I love books with paralell universes, and this one was quite different because it centered around a "wormhole". Ruby finds sanctuary in a huge old tree, in the middle of a large cornfield, and finds a wormhole. It transports her between 9 different paralel universes. Hopeing to find one that has everything she ever hoped for, Ruby goes on a journey. But she will soon discover that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

During Ruby's quest for the perfect universe, the perfect life, she learns about love, life and self discovery.

This was an enjoyable, and quick read. I really liked the paralel universes, which sometimes can be confusing, but the author did a great job with it.

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  1. So excited to see your comment -- hope you are doing well. I enjoyed this one too!!
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