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Review: Triangles

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Triangles by Ellen Hopkins
Release Date: October 18. 2011
Publisher: Atria
Pages: 529
Buy The Book: Amazon


Holly: Filled with regret for being a stay-athome mom, she sheds sixty pounds and loses herself in the world of extramarital sex. Will it bring the fulfillment she is searching for?Andrea: A single mom and avowed celibate, she watches her friend Holly’s meltdown with a mixture of concern and contempt. Holly is throwing away what Andrea has spent her whole life searching for—a committed relationship with a decent guy. So what if Andrea picks up Holly’s castaway husband?Marissa: She has more than her fair share of challenges—a gay, rebellious teenage son, a terminally ill daughter, and a husband who buries himself in his work rather than face the facts.As one woman’s marriage unravels, another’s rekindles.

As one woman’s family comes apart at the seams, another’s reconfigures into something bigger and better. In this story of connections and disconnections, one woman’s up is another one’s down, and all of them will learn the meaning of friendship, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Unflinchingly honest, emotionally powerful, surprisingly erotic,Triangles is the ultimate page-turner. Hopkins’s gorgeous, expertly honed poetic verse perfectly captures the inner lives of her characters. Sometimes it happens like that. Sometimes you just get lost.Get lost in the world of Triangles, where the lives of three unforgettable women intersect, and where there are no easy answers.

So first off, I don't usually read Adult books. Unless it's Sophie Kinsella or Nicholas Sparks I don't even bother to look at the cover. I know, I know, your probably thinking how prejudice! But Adult books just don't excite me the way YA does. Despite that, I was really curious about Ellen Hopkin's Adult novel debut. And let's be honest for a second here, I wanted to buy it just for that gorgeous cover! I've told you guys before, I'm a total cover whore!

When I learned that Tilt, was the story of the children of the ladies from Triangles, it was all the excuse I needed to buy them both! Both the goodreads and Amazon descriptions say that this is a "no holds barred, exploration of sex, love and marriage" and let me tell you, they ain't kidding!

This was a very graphic story, with absolutely no holds barred. It was very candid and honest, and at times sordid. There is sex galore, erotica, and more. Being that I am a YA reader who occasionally dabbles in the works of Nicholas Sparks and Sophie Kinsella, you can only imagine my face as I read my way through Triangles. I blushed, I turned beet red, and in between reading breaks I hid it under my pillow like it was contraband!

I can't really say that I enjoyed this book. Or rather, the character's.  I personally, could not identify with them at all, having never married, divorced, or birthed children. Hence, why I solely read YA titles. HOWEVER, as usual, Ellen Hopkins writing still amazes me, whether she's writing for a YA audience or an adult one.

Because of the content... I feel like this is a book I can't personally recommend. My readers range from teenagers, to girls in their first year of college, to young women, to mothers of teenagers and beyond. Therefore, there will be no cute little cupcake ratings this time. I will let you judge this one for yourself.

As I mentioned, this is definitely an adult book written with no reservations, as the description promised. I often found myself turning read, and even feeling uncomfortable even at my age. Again though, I would like to stress that Ellen Hopkin's writing is as briallant as ever! I definitely do not recommend this for teen's, but encourage anyone curious or interested in this to pick up a copy and check it out for themselves!

And if you have read it, leave me a comment because I'd love to know your thoughts and feelings on it. And keep an eye out for my review on Tilt!

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