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We Apologize for Your Service Interruption ( or some such nonesense) Again!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't you hate it when you get totally hooked on this tv show, and it becomes your favorite. I mean, you watch it every week, faithfully and without fail. It's even programmed into your inner clock, and then all of the sudden without warning, they go on hiatus. *sigh* That is the absolute worst ever! Okay, maybe not the worst ever, because that would be when the above mentioned hiatus goes on forever, and ever and ever.... In fact, the show never seems to come back and it just *poof* vanishes into thin air, like it never even existed to begin with!

A lot of you are probably thinking right about now, that that is the case with me. It's true, I have not been around nearly as much as I would like to be. I promise that despite the fact that my blog "appears" as if it's on hiatus or...something along those lines, it isn't! 

I have such amazing followers and friends who are great supporters. Some of you may have already known, to others this may be news. I have been sick for quite a while now. It's a bit of a complicated situation and not just a cut and dry issue. From the minute I entered this world I have had major stomach/digestive issues. To put it simply, I love food but it isn't always my friend. lol I go through periods where I can't keep any food down no matter what it is, a boiled egg or plain toast. Everything gives me indegestion and heartburn, anything from black pepper to ketchup. Yep, even ketchup! I never know when a flare up will come or how long it will last, sometimes its a few days to years at a time. I take meds that help with the heartburn and keep the ulcers at bay, as well as medacines that fight against stomach, intestinal and colon spasms. Essentially these meds help my body to digest food, keep it down, and stay down! Although, when a flare up hits, meds don't always do the trick.

In addition to the life long stomach problems, I was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago, which brings on problems of its own. I also have a problem with my body storing energy. It virtually doesn't. Most people's body stores energy to help them work and attain various tasks. This is something called ATP and I believe the average person's is around 100 or so. Mine was at an 8 and after 2 years of weekly injections has only gone up to an 11. For some reason, unknown to anyone, my body just doesn't seem to regulate ATP on its own or even with some extra help.

Between the stomach problems, PCOS and virtually no energy, I sometimes get sick and/or run out of steam. Unfortunately for several months now I felt a flare up coming on. I tried to push past it and ran straight into a brick wall. I like to think I'm a healthy 26 year old, but the truth is I'm not and never have been anything other than a medical anominalie and guinea pig from time to time. It can get very sad and upsetting when I can't do things that normal girls my age do, and when I hardly have the energy to even leave the house.

Through the years I have learned to enjoy every second of the "good days" when I have them. I've learned to love and appreciate everyone in my life and am thankful for so many wonderful people that love and support me. I've learned that when the flare up's hit and the bad days seem endless, to never give up hope but to stay posative and keep going, taking things one day at a time.

This is why I have been so absent on my blog lately. I promise I have no plans to stop blogging. It has literally taken all of my energy to work part time, come home and cook for my family, and try to keep up with cleaning and laundry, which I am miserably failing at at the moment. lol 

I know it's easy to think that, when your not feeling well, you just lay around and read a lot. When you have extremely low energy, and are sick on top of it, it completely zaps you. I spend most of my day when I'm not working, sleeping. Even when I sit to watch tv or read a book, I inevitably fall asleep and wake up hours later. It has actually made reading 100 times harder for me. I will find myself reading a page and waking up 5 hours later. I then have to back track a good 10 pages to remember what I was reading about, and then get about 5 pages past that, and I either doze off again, or have to cook or go to work. 

I want to thank all of my followers for the kind words and support you have all shown to me. You have been tweeting and texting me good well wishes for the past few months and it warms my heart and brightens my day considerabley! 

On the bright side, last week I had some treatments done that greatly helped my stomach issues and am feeling much, much better! On the other hand I still feel zapped and have my usual health issues to deal with. So to wrap this up, although I was hoping to never have to do this, you now know why I have been so scarce lately. I love reading, and blogging and I love each and every one of you and I am not going anywhere. I promise! I will continue to blog as often as I can but you may only see 1 review up a week instead of the 3 or 4 that you are used. Hopefully in time things will get better, and you can bet I will be back in full fighting force!

Thank you again to everyone for your kind words, it has meant the world to me! You guys are the best!



  1. You know that we love you and we will be here when you are ready to post again. Take care of yourself first. I'm glad that the treatments you had made your stomach issues a little better. Love ya chick!!

    1. aww thanks Amy! You and Jen have been so sweet during it all. And I am so glad the treatments are helping. What a relief!

  2. Yep, what Amy said. We're not going anywhere! Taking care of your health comes first.

    Sending you a big bunch of virtual orchids and hoping you're feeling better very soon!

    1. You have been such a great friend through this all! Thank you soo much! Ooooh orchids! So easily distracted haha

  3. Don't worry about us! We'll be here whenever your ready. Your health is more important than anything else! Take care of yourself and I hope you start feeling better soon!!! =)

  4. wow i hope you are doing better now! Health comes first! Make sure you take care of yourself ok? *hugs*

    - juhina

    1. thanks Juhina! :) feeling much much better. Just a slow process but I'm gettin there :)

  5. Take the time you need to try and heal and feel better as much as you can. You can't rush health!


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