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Steals and Deals: Barnes and Nobel 50% off Teen Book Sale!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

 Hello Lovelies!

It is time for another one of my favorite features, Steals and Deals! Squeee!!! So right now I should be posting my review for Fever, but I was so excited about this amazing sale, that I HAD to share it with all of my amazing readers!

Some of you may recall, that last month, Barnes and Noble had a killer 50% off sale on all YA books! My inner fan girl nearly passed out from all the excitement! Be still my beating heart!  I, like many other book nerds took advantage of the sale.

I am on a fairly, okay let's be honest, seriously limited budget! I rarely ever get to buy new books, muchless ones I REALLY want. I typically wind up buying whatever the bargain book is that month, or whatever my local used book store has. I squealed with delight when I checked my pay stub today and found some extra money! Wooo!! How often does that happen? So I decided to reward myself for all of my hard work, and what better way for my inner book nerd to do it, then to buy new books!

After carefully selecting two books that I could afford on my budget, I scoured the internet for coupon's. Hey, every little bit helps! After quite some time scouring, I was shocked to find a coupon code for 50% off ALL teen books. I had to actively send signals to my brain to NOT scream out loud and frighten everyone. 

YA book lover's rejoice! Barnes and Nobel's 50% off teen books is back baby! But  not for long! So here are the details... 

If you use coupon code R4R9M8F at checkout you will receive 50% all all TEEN books. This includes hardbacks, and paperbacks alike, and also applies to pre-order's as well! Keep in mind, before you go crazy loading up your cart, this is 50% off of the list price, NOT the sale price! For instance, if a hardback originally $17.99 is on sale for $10 you will not get it for $5 ( I wish! ) you will get it for $8.99. 

This does work on pre-order's, I already tried it out. Don't forget this coupon code only works once, and as of right now I only know of the one, so make sure you have everything you want in your cart before you check out. The sale started on January 31st, and will end on Febuary 7th, or is it the 6th? Anyways...act fast!!!

There are some great books coming out this month, so make sure you take advantage of this sale while it lasts! As I mentioned, it DOES work on pre orders so you will definitely want to take advantage of that! For instance, you can order copies of 

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)Fever (The Chemical Garden, #2)

for $8.99 a piece! You know you are dying to read them, so what are you waiting for? 

Are you dying to know what I ordered? I was able to snag 7  books for $33.41! And here is what I got..

This One Time with JuliaThe Fine Art of Truth or Dare

Where I BelongGimme A Call

Amy and Roger's Epic DetourA Breath of Eyre (Unbound, #1)

The Body Finder (The Body Finder, #1)

What books are you going to be buying during this incredible sale? I'd love to know, so let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading!



  1. Wow you got some awesome books. I will have to take advantage of this code! :)

  2. I did get quite a bit for my money! And at least one of them was a pre order! I LOVE it when they have these sales!!! =)

  3. You definitely got your moneys worth! Thanks for sharing! Pandemonium here I come! haha =D

  4. I decided to go for it and bought a bunch of books using the 50% off coupon. I may have went overboard a little:
    Jellicoe Road
    Dreaming Awake
    Falling Under
    Hex Hall (Hex Hall Series #1)
    Demonglass (Hex Hall Series #2)
    City of Bones / City of Ashes / City of Glass (The Mortal InstrumentsSeries #1-3)
    Divergent (B&N Exclusive Edition)
    The Iron King (Iron Fey Series #1)
    The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey Series #2)
    The Iron Queen (Iron Fey Series #3)
    The Iron Knight (Iron Fey Series #4)

  5. Dang - I misread the expiration and thought that the sale ended at midnight tonight.
    But I'm happy that you got good stuff!

  6. Amanda- Yay!!!! I was so tempted to order it too! haha Along with Fever. But I had to control myself hehe

    Sanra- bahahaha you should have seen how many books I had in my cart originally! I think the total was like $100 WITH the 50% off code! lol I kept trying to justify it by saying, but...ITS ON SALE! lol I had to REALLY reel it in! But I'm still happy with all my bks. You got some amazing ones as well! YAY!!!

    Jen- I wasn't 100% sure of the experation date on the code. Did you try it anyways? If it already expired, I'm sorry you missed it. I'll probably be scouring the internet for another coupon code like it this Friday when I get paid! ;) lol It took an hour but it was worth finding it! If I come across another I'll let you know! :)


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