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To Verse, or Not To Verse, That Is The Question!

Friday, January 13, 2012

So as many of you know, I am a YA book blogger. Duh! In my short, ok 5 months to be exact, of blogging I have read about many bloggers and also readers, who have never read a novel in verse. Now that's crazy talk! I totally get it tho. I really do! For a very long time I held back on reading stories told in verse. I always felt that I wasn't intellectual enough to get them. In short, I was scared of the unknown!

I finally put my fears aside, gave them a try, and a new love quickly blossomed. Now I am a HUGE fan of stories told in verse. So much so that if you describe a book to me, and start with "told in verse"  I will stop you after those 3 words and snatch the book out of your hands, without even knowing what the story is about! Yes, I Cristina, have a love affair with stories told in verse. And so should YOU!

Here's the thing I love about books in verse. They are so simple. They really are! It's all about the story telling. No fluff or needless descriptions that go on, and on. That's one thing that I can't stand, endless descriptions about things we could care less about. Do I really care that her chestnut hair blew in the wind as he gazed into her lavender eyes, and her breath caught in her throat from his intense gaze? Umm...NO! I know, I know, your thinking, WOW lavender eyes exist? I don't know, probably not! I totally just made that sentence up. But it's just an example, you get the idea.

In short, don't be afraid to try something new, especially when it comes to stories told in verse. I promise you it won't go over your heard or be "weird" or anything like that! The main reason why I adore them so much is because of their simplicity. It's just the true heart of the story told in a simple yet beautiful way.

So why not try one out this weekend, you may start a whole new love affair in one afternoon!


  1. I agree! I'll read a book JUST because it's in verse cause I love them so much. Lisa Schroeder is definitely still my most favorite and of hers The Day Before is my very most favorite (and I'm in the acknowledgments!). Yep, love verse!

  2. @Candace- me too! I have a constant love affair with them. hehe I actually haven't read any of Lisa Schroeder but I'm requesting it at the library right NOW! Can't wait to see your name inside. Eeek! That's so exciting!!! :)

  3. see, i have this problem, this "fear" that verse books just wouldn't make any sense to me.. I actually own a book in verse but never bothered to read it. I think when I'm done with exams I'm going to take you up on how awesome they are and read "love and leftovers" since you loved it so much.

    - juhina

  4. @Juhina- I totally understand. I felt the exact same way! I can't spell, use grammar correctly and I don't use big words because I don't know what they mean! lol Stories in verse are so simple! And you will really like Love & Leftovers! It's a great one to start with! :)

  5. I have a lot of verse on my Kindle from Lisa! You could borrow them. Amazon lets you for like 2 weeks! txt me if you want I have like 3 or 4 on the kindle =))

  6. I have never read a book in verse either. It's not that I don't think it will make sense, I think it's more I don't know if I will enjoy that style of writing in a novel. I know that a lot of people really enjoy it though, so I may try to read Love and Leftovers maybe. That book seems to be getting a lot of praise.

  7. @Loretta- YES!!! Totally borrowing them from you! I'll text you in a few and see which ones you have! I bought like...10 kindle books yesterday lol I'll have to let you know so you don't buy them. I am LOVING the whole kindle lending thing. It's GENIUS!

  8. Loved this post! I too have a love affair with with stories in verse! I can't believe you haven't read any by Lisa Schroeder. She is AMAZING! All four of her books are my favorites! You need to go read them pronto! Another one of my favorites is Exposed by Kimberly Marcus.

    Also, you might be interested to learn that I just launched my very own 2012 in-verse reading challenge. Sign Ups started yesterday =)

  9. I've never done this because it's scared me too. But I do recognize their value - for example, my sister who does not like reading took very well to Ellen Hopkin's books.

    Do you have any recommendations for verse newbies?

  10. Amanda- OMG a challenge all about books told in verse! Gahh!!! I am totally signing up tomorrow! So excited about that one! I already signed up for 4 challenges and I told myself I would not sign up for another, but I will have to make an exception. :)

    Rachelia- I haven't read as many books in verse as I'd like, but basically any that come out I read! haha Ellen Hopkins is VERY good! I'm reading her first one now. It is a bit heavier in content though. To be honest I'd start with Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay. It's a good blend of substance, altho not too heavy, and contemporary. I haven't tried Lisa Schroeder yet, altho she has been on my wishlist for a while. You may want to go with her next! Let me know what you think! :)

  11. Books in verse are AAAAMAAAAZZZINNGG!!! It makes me so happy to see so many Lisa Schroeder fans! She is such a talented author and such a sweetheart! Our teens at the library did a book discussion with "I Heart You, You Haunt Me" by her (which was fan-freakin-tastic by the way!) and did a skype visit with Lisa! That was two years ago and they are still talking about it!


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