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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a fantastical weekend! I am having a blast at ALA! I am tired and every bone in my body hurts from lugging around bags full of books. Literally! Even my rib cage hurts! :0 Tomorrow is the last day and I will soon be home. YAY! How I miss my bed!

I haven't done an IMM in 2 weeks. Life has been crazy hectic and I've been sick as well. Unfortunately I have lots to show you but my books are in a bit of disarray at the moment. When we built our house, I chose my bedroom because it was supposed to have 2 sets of built in book cases. In our haste to move in, we just shoved my desk into an alcove and a bought book case into the other. Through the years, and the blogging, it wasn't working anymore. So last weekend I said bye bye to the desk and went book case supply shopping with my Pops at Home Depot. Unfortunately we didn't have time to start building, as life seems to have gotten in the way. So all of my lovely books are in boxes piled in the living room where I date not even try to go through. 

So in the meantime you shall just have to look at what I got this week in the mail. I have one last day at ALA tomorrow and then I make my journey home. I should have an ALA vlog up Tuesday or Wednessday. Lots of friends have been asking so I will post it. But beware it WILL be long!

Now on to the books!

First up, Egmont sent me a book in the mail, and it totally made my week! Things could only go up from here!

 Then I opened it up and found out it was autographed to me! Squeee!!

Then I got Dead To You by Lisa McMann which I devoured in ONE sitting. It was AMAZING and my review is already posted.  So go read it because this is a MUST READ!

THen my lovely friend Amy sent me this amazing package! I LOVE dystopians so she sent me an audio book of Legend and some awesome Incarnate swag. Thanks Amy! I love you bunches!!!

The Lover's Dictionary

Then my lovely friend Loretta who is sweet as pie gifted me an ebook of The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan which I have been dying to read! Thanks so much Loretta! Your a doll! :)

I also got a copy of The Rook along with a temporary tatoo. I believ this came from Little Brown possible...who knows. It's late, I'm tired and my books are at home! lol 

When I get home and life gets back in order,  or my bookshelves anyways...I'll post a more accurate IMM and hopefully a blog and my usual stills. In the meantime I'd LOVE to hear what you got in YOUR mailbox this week. Make sure you leave me a comment. I LOVE to check them out. Don't forget to stalk my blog this week for a special edition ALA IMM vlog!

In the meantime, Happy Reading!



  1. You got great books.
    Want to read DEAD TO YOU
    even more after your review!
    Don't forget soon, SOON we should read and review that book for a VDAY review; joint review; like that would be so COOL!!


  2. It totally would be! This week would be a good time for me. I'm so overwhelmed by all of the books I got at ALA I can't decide what to read. I think I'm a little scared of them. lol I don't even want to go near them...haha

  3. Great books! I am so glad that you like what I sent you. I knew you would, that's why I didn't tell you what I was sending! It was such an amazing book, and the audio is wonderful. I am looking forward to reading Dead to You, I have heard great things about it. can't wait to see your ALA vlog!!


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