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ALA Day 1 and 2!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So for years I have been hearing about ALA. But let's be honest, I can't afford to travel across the country to go to it every year, much less one year! So this year I was very fortunate that it was coming to Texas. Eeek! So I hoped in the car with my posse, also known as my mother and sister! 

For TWO entire days before the convention, I did not sleep! I squealed like a child and generally got on EVERYONE'S nerves! No joke! 

I missed the first day of the convention, it was only open for 2 hours so I figured no biggie. Apparently quite a few arcs I was extremely looking forward to got wiped out in those measly 2 hours. ACK! Oh well, cest la vi! 

After sitting in the car for 6 hours,  Dallas bound, we finally arrived at the convention center. After 2 days of no sleep, being up sick all night the night before, and a 6 hour car drive I was ready to stretch my legs and hit some booths!

First off, pre trip. I had to prepare.Everything from clothes, shoes and makeup to something EXTREMELY important...NAILS! They had to be PERFECT! So in honor of ALA I did thiis!

They were a HUGE hit at the convention! Authors oohed and ahhed over them! I got stopped so many times about these. They were so fun! YouTube it people!

Next up, as soon as we stepped out of the car where we parked 2 streets over, I spotted this. A John Green Fault In Our Stars bus! That meant he had to be close right? *squints*

 Day 2 of ALA and MY first day at the convention. This is my haul my first day there. Not too bad if you ask me! A few books I was looking for escaped me. But I got loads of books I was really excited about!

 These are the ones I was most excited about! I know i know! It's sideways...but I'm tired! lol So sorry guys!

So now I'll show you a few books I got the first day. Just a few of the ones I was super excited about! ;) So let the Books With Pretty Covers officially BEGIN!


 More books with pretty covers!

 LOVE the cover for Of Poseidon and so excited about Thumped, the sequel to Bumped!

  LOVE the covers to both of these and I can't wait to read them both!

More pretty covers and books that sounds amazing!

Yay for a finished hardback of The Faerie Ring! I haven't read it so now I totally have the chance!

I think this is the one I am MOST excited about and I'm having a hard time not tearing into as I write this!

Last but not least I am a HUGE Lauren Myracle fan. So I squeed like a little girl when I found out she was coming. I stalked her booth and was the first person in line. I will pre warn you the picture is not right side up, again, I am exhausted. I also look like crap,  no sleep for 2 days, 6hr car ride, and being sick etc. So...forgive my face!

But I got a very pretty shiny, autographed hardback copy of Shine which is AMAZING! So go read it now if you haven't already!

So now I was finally making my way over to the hotel to check in. Yep folks, after 2 days of no sleep and a night of being sick, I drove 6 hours straight to the convention site w/o ever stopping to check in at the hotel or freshen up! So now, FINALLY, back at the hotel, staring at all my lovely books and ready for my second day at ALA! Are you ready to see more books? Here we go!

The day 2 stack is definately much smaller. But I am TOTALLY fine with that! I think I have more books than I will ever be able to read this year! And yes, that is a Legend button and TWO Matched/Crossed posters! Eeek!

 I also went to a YA panel which was wonderful! I listened to these 3 wonderful woman, and another author ( again, I'm tired and can't remember her name) Got all of these books as free complimentary gifts, and I got them all signed 2! The last one, Halflings I got signed to my friend Amy and I hope she loves it! :)

Don't get too excited folks! While I already have a copy of Born Wicked I was trying desperately to get ahold of extra's for Amy and Loretta, two good friends who have been DYING for a copy. Unfortunately the box of Born Wicked never made it to the confrence. And yes, Bitterblue was there. But blogger's started lining up at 9 am for it and they weren't giving it away until 5 pm! I personally was not about to sit there and wait on ONE book for that long and miss out on all the other wonderful things going on. So instead I snagged catalogs with the gorgeous book covers on them! I LOVE looking at catalogs with all the upcoming books, and these were so gorgeous I couldn't resist!

This is just various swag I picked up along the way!

Super cute books and matching bag. Couldn't help myself! Again, sorry its not right side up! I'm too tired to edit lol

My mother was lovely and managed to snag quite a few YA books I didn't get. This is just a small sampling of what she got for me. Have I ever mentioned how much I <3 my mom and how cool she is! I mean, the woman wears converse to work with her dress pants! Gotta love her!

I LOVE my Little Brown bag! My mom was totally jealous, but they didn't have many of these little babies to give away so I was quite lucky to get it!

I was really excited to get a copy of this one! I think I got one of the last 5 they had there!

I snagged these today and I'm really excited about them all. But probably mostly excited for a physical arc of Supergirl Mixtapesk, and not just a netgalley of it. And folks, its even CUTER in real life!

 Well that's it for me folks! I am tired, and sore. Every bone in my body aches,, from my neck and shoulders, to my toes and right back up to my ribs! Yep, even my RIBS hurt! ACK! So I am going to go pop an advil and hit the sack.

Stop back by mid week for a full IMM ALA style! I hope you all had a fantastic week and as always Happy Reading!



  1. Looks and sounds like you had fun!! Maybe ALA will come
    to Florida soon so I can go :)

  2. Oh my godness, you got some great books and I absolutely adore your nails. I want to do that.I'm doing this soon. I need to go to ALA soon, it sounds like you had a great time.:)

  3. Awesome haul chick!! Sounds like it was an amazing time, and thanks so much for thinking of me! You seriously rock. Much love hon!! Get some rest and feel better. :)

  4. Thanks so much for posting this even though you must be exhausted! So excited for you!!!! You got great stuff.

  5. Wow! You got some awesome stuff! That's fabulous!!!

  6. *dies a third time* I really want 52 Reasons my Father, Super girl Mix tapes & Kiss in the Morning star and you got the disenchantments again? O__O lucky you! lining up from 9 to wait until 5?! pretty ridiculous! they could be on other booths and stuff! once again, I do hope you love every, single one of these:D

    Racquel @ The Book Barbies♥
    -thank you&come again.

  7. YOU got A LOT Of great books!! Well, you know that ones I am wanting to read!! =)

    <3 you

    Happy Reading


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