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The Princess of Storyland & Maji Bookshelf Fall Readathon

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey guys! As many of you know I LOVE readathons! It's a great way for me to push myself and get some much needed reading done! I participated in 2 in October and LOVED it! Juhina from Maji Bookshelf and I decided to host our own readathon this month! Mostly we started this because there weren't any readathons going on durring the time of Juhina's break from uni. So we decided to make our own! You guys are more than welcome to join us in our  Read-a-thon, we would love to have you! :)

Thank you Juhina for making us this super cute button! I love it!!! :)

Now as you can tell, this Read-a-thon will start tomorrow November 3 through November 10th! There is no need to read 24/7 just whatever you can manage!

1. Set a goal of how many books you would like to read durring the Read-a-thon. Try to aim for a little bit more than you normally would! 
2. List the books you want to read, so we can compare and go oh-la-la over your picks!
3. Comment here or on Maji Bookshelf that you want to participate. We aren't expecting anyone else to join in, but you are more than welcome to if you'd like!
4.Post an update every day or whenever you have time and happy reading! :)

Here are a few of my picks for the Read-a-thon

I will put up my Fall Read-a-thon post tomorrow when it starts with my full list and goals! 

P.S. We are planning a  BIG Read-a-thon towards the begining of the year so stay tuned for that!

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