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Saturday, November 12, 2011

In My Mailbox is a weekly Meme hosted by Kristi the storysiren. This is where us bloggers get a chance 
to show you what we got this wk! Bookish related of course!

Random Act's of Kindness 
Pretty Little Liars Box Set- Bks 1 to 4 by Sara Shephard
Love Story by Jennifer Echols
Thank you so much to my friend Loretta at Between the Pages You rock my socks!

Borrowed from the Library
Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton
As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

For Review
Rock On by Denise Vega
The Queen of Kentucky by Alecia Whitaker
How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston
Thank you Sam at Peace Love and Ya for the awesome books and it was wonderful meeting you!

Book Swap
The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder
Thank you to Amanda at Letter's Inside Out for swapping with me! :)

Don't Breathe a Word
Thank you to Candace at Candace's Book Blogand also Alexa at Pages of Forbidden Love

Thank you to Sam at the Bay City Library! Check out her blog HERE

 Thank you sooo much to Loretta at Between the Pages! Your a doll! :)
 Thank you t Amanda at Letters Inside Out for taking Shatter Me off of my hands! ;)
And last but not least, thank you to Candace at Candace's Books Blog and Alexa at Pages of Forbidden Love

Leave me a comment and let me know what you got in your mailbox this week. I hope your all having a fantastic week and happy reading!


  1. That is one amazing mailbox week!!! :D I am dying to read don't breathe a word and The probability of Miracles. Sixteenth summer also looks cute!! Enjoy your week ;)

    *going back to uni tomorrow so no more leisure reading time =(

    - juhina

  2. Don't breathe a word got pushed back. It doesn't come out until Jan 2012 ;) I am so glad that you liked the books =) Your pictures are awesome!!
    Happy Reading =D

  3. Juhina- Don't Breathe a Word was stunning! Your gonna love it! I just hate that I have to wait unti January to post my review LOL I'll let you know if Probablitiy is good or not! It sucks that you've gotta go back to school but now I can catch up to you! ;) haha

    Loretta- I know!!! I noticed that after my video. Actually a lot of the bks in my video got pushed back!! lol Thank you so much for all the awesome bks!!! LOVED them! I kinda like the pictures, I may do an IMM with JUST pictures nxt week! lol No Vlog. We'll see!

  4. hi, i just love love love your blog :) I'm a new follower and i also subbed to your vids on youtube. i so want to read this book xox

  5. New follower here! I just recently started watching Pretty Little Liars and have kinda become obsessed! I hope to read the books soon! Great vlog!

  6. Alexandra- Thank you so much! Thats so sweet! Thanks for folling my blog and my youtube videos! lol

    Somer- OMG I am obsessed with that show too! lol Isn't it incredible? *sighs* I'm sure the books are just as epic as the show!

  7. Hope you enjoy Probability! I loved it.

    Thanks again for swapping with me!

    Amanda @ Letters Inside Out

  8. Great haul! The Pretty Little Liars series is a lot of fun I really enjoyed it. I only read the first 3 so far, though.

    Xpresso Reads

  9. So many awesome books! And a great find in that library. I thought it was awesome that mine had a mini bookstore in where I could purchase used books but to be able to take ARCs in exchange for a review? Totally amazingly awesome. I'm in awe. :o


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