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How To Rock Braces and Glasses

Sunday, November 20, 2011


  1. Wow this one sounds totally awesome! I've been looking for a nice light read. However it is too bad that all the characters didn't appeal to you. I love the fact that there is some humour in the writing...I could use a good laugh! Awesome review :)


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  2. Mindy- It was a really fun read!

    Jaskirat- I always dislike mean girls haha But in the end I really grew quite fond of Kasey! If you want it your more than welcome to have it! I spilled some water on so I don't feel like I can trade it or use it as a giveaway. It doesn't affect the reading at all, just a little bit of discoloration on the outside pages. If your intrested DM me on Twitter PrissyCrissy08

  3. Sounds interesting! And really, that title is just a lot of fun! It would be really interesting to see how this book played out!

  4. Ashley- the title was super fun and the book was honestly a really cute funny read! Sometimes you just need those to break up the dystopians! lol

  5. This book sounds kinda cool. The title is just super fun. This would definitely go to my wishlist=D


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