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The Darlings are Forever!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Darlings are Forever by Melissa Kantor
Release Date:  January 4, 2011
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 352
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
Intrest: Young Adult
Challenge: 2011 Reading Challenge
Buy the Book: Amazon
Jane, Victoria, and Natalya. Together, they are the Darlings. Best friends forever. They have matching necklaces, their own table at Ga Ga Noodle, and even a shared motto: May you always do what you’re afraid of doing.

When the friends begin freshman year at three different high schools in distant corners of New York City, they promise to live by their motto and stay as close as ever. The Darlings know they can get through anything as long as they have each other. But doing scary new things is a lot easier with your friends beside you. And now that the girls aren’t spending all their time together, everything they took for granted about their friendship starts to feel less certain. They can’t help but wonder, will they really be the Darlings forever?

Well, after a lengthy hiatus, I am back! Did you miss me?

The last 2 books I read, were period pieces. So this time I decided I'd like to bring things into the modern ages. Introduce, the Darlings!

Now don't get me wrong, the last 2 books were both phenominal. But I did want to break things up a little. Needless to say when your on a good streak, it has to end at some point. And for me it ended with this book.

Now I have to say, my opinion of this book may be a little influenced. While I was reading this book I was experiencing a week long migraine that had me in tears, and major dizzyness. That being said, it was pretty hard to conentrate on reading, or anything else for that matter. Being that I was in extreme pain I feel like my review, or opinions, of this book my be influenced by that. So this is one book you may want to read and decide for yourself!

This book is about 3 best friends Natalya, Victoria and Jane, the "Darlings" as Nana called them. This book follows the story of these 3 girls, or Darlings, through their first year of highschool. The Darlings have always done everything together, so this year will be a true test to their friendship as they embark on their lives at 3 seperate schools! This is the story of fear, loss, highschool freshman, and friendship!

I do have to say, I was not at all in love with this book. It could have been the horrible migraine, but I found the story very hard to keep up with. The story is told from the viewpoint of all 3 girls, and goes back and forth in the story telling. I found it very hard to keep straight, again this could be the migraine. 3 diffrent girls, going to 3 diffrent schools, with 3 diffrent sets of families, 3 diffrent love intrests ( each girl had her own, some more than one, oh my! ) 3 diffrent sets of famillies, 3 diffrent sets of school friends, you get the idea! Needless to say, I was a good half to 3 qaurters of the way through with this book before I finally got the girls and their lives straight!

I found the storyline to be very predictable, and not very intresting. Definately not a book I recommend, but again you will probably want to read this one for yourself! My massive migraine I am sure would have kept any book, regardless of what it was, from being enjoyable!

The one aspect of the book that I did enjoy, was the author's honesty of childhood friends growing up. When you hit that critical age, are you going to stay friends forever? or will you grow apart and go your own ways?

There is a sequel, "The Darlings in Love" ( is that any suprise with so many love intrests???) that will be out in January 2012. *sigh* I will probably read that one too, grudgingly, mainly because the book cover is cute, and also because I want to see if I will enjoy the Darlings more minus the headache.

This is one book I am glad I checked out from my local library!

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